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Sunday, 01 March 2015 18:00

Work is...

What do I do at work?  Well to start I have one of the most fun jobs you can imagine.  Not only do i get to play with cool computer and network toys, but I also get to express my creative side by getting to make videos and creative works.

I am the Visual Media and Information Systems director for Central Christian church.  People joke with me that if you can see it and plug it in, that thats what i do.

Almost... True I get to oversee a department that supports an entire Church of 4000 members and some 200 employees full of computers, laptops, servers, Switches networks, Wireless, vpn's etc... etc...  What I really get to invest my time in is Visual Media. Which means, Video, Graphics, Lyrics, Projectors, Cameras, Switchers, Video Production.  God Made it so that I understand Computers and Networks but he blessed me with a love and skill set for creative arts.

I love that most of the time I get to see almost an immediate result from the videos that I make as it impacts the people that watch. Working for a church lets me use my talents to further the reach of the gospel.

Don't know Christ?

drop me a line, I would be glad to at the very least point you in the right direction.


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