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Eddie Rivera

Eddie Rivera

Im a husband and father of three kids, I love my God and cherish my family.

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Work is...

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on: 01 March 2015

What do I do at work?  Well to start I have one of the most fun jobs you can imagine.  Not only do i get to play with cool computer and network toys, but I also get to express my creative side by getting to make videos and creative works.

I am the Visual Media and Information Systems director for Central Christian church.  People joke with me that if you can see it and plug it in, that thats what i do.

Almost... True I get to oversee a department that supports an entire Church of 4000 members and some 200 employees full of computers, laptops, servers, Switches networks, Wireless, vpn's etc... etc...  What I really get to invest my time in is Visual Media. Which means, Video, Graphics, Lyrics, Projectors, Cameras, Switchers, Video Production.  God Made it so that I understand Computers and Networks but he blessed me with a love and skill set for creative arts.

I love that most of the time I get to see almost an immediate result from the videos that I make as it impacts the people that watch. Working for a church lets me use my talents to further the reach of the gospel.

Don't know Christ?

drop me a line, I would be glad to at the very least point you in the right direction.


Family is...

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on: 31 January 2015

Family is God's perfect vehicle in this trip called life.  We jokingly say we can't live with them and we certainly can't live without them.  But family at it's worst and family at it's best is still one of the best gift God can bestow on you.

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Hello... I'm Eddie Rivera

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